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The A.I. would’ve said “no” to the new NEO (The Matrix 4)

A.I. would've said NO to the new NEO (The Matrix 4)

So, what do you think? Come on! Spill it out! What do you think? How ELSE will the new Matrix influence us? ACTUALLY? The movie owes us a few new extreme unheard of schemes and stuff, right? I mean, it might’ve not influenced you, sure. And you’re used to this, the “everything could go wrong” excuse. Anyway, how about it? How far are you seeing Neo going in the new “The Matrix 4” movie?

NEO, ruled by Donald Trump and working on a cryptocurrencies-based salary

Can you really see the new Matrix talking and describing a world where we exchange cryptocurrencies and every nation in the world doesn’t ultimately compare itself with USA? Because I can’t.

The A.I. would've said NO to the new NEO (The Matrix 4)

I can’t actually forsee movie actions. I wish I could. But I can’t. I have no power for that type of things. You know what I mean. Is NEO, in this world that I see? ’cause I read the ’99 script. It wasn’t ready for cryptocurrencies or the 45th USA president, Donald Trump. “The Wachowskis” (the script writers) couldn’t forsee this type of events either. And I think “the source would’ve just farsed them, back then, if it knew where the world would end up doing.

The A.I. would've said NO to the new NEO (The Matrix 4)
Donald Trump protest

So, if NEO would’ve lived in a Matrix that would perfectly simulate our current world status, I believe, “the source”, the artificial intelligence, the A.I. which ruled mankind inside “The Matrix”, wouldn’t at all have accepted to “merge” with NEO (the bug inside “The Matrix”), to correct the entire Matrix code and end the war between human and artificial intelligence.

What to expect from the upcoming “The Matrix 4”?

In our current world, we have social networks that have gotten really big. Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Now, can you imagine these social networks working inside “The Matrix”? A world inside a world? Do you think the A.I. from “The Matrix” would’ve accepted such an evolution? Uhm, personally, I’m not sure. I can’t respond with a “yes” or a “no”. It seems a debatable subject. Anyway… what do you think you should expect from the upcoming “The Matrix 4”?

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